How might we collectively design the future we hope for?

Join us in a conversation to make sense of what is going on—and to navigate with confidence.

“Leadership is walking into a dark room and turning on the light.”

Sandy Speicher

“Future Framing” is a 90-minute online conversation ATÖLYE offers to discuss the issues your organization is facing and to take the first step towards designing strategic paths of action.


In times of crisis, sensing the field and prioritizing actions might become an even bigger challenge. We as ATÖLYE design solutions to complex problems every day, and we would love to share our expertise in crafting strategies to problems of diverse scales and natures.

Our dialogue will revolve around the question of “What does it take for organizations to survive at this moment in time and what does it take for them to thrive?”


Our facilitated conversation with the leaders of your organization (ideally with two or more people), follows a process where we synthesize and analyze our learnings and follow up with short- and long-term action plans—specifically designed to navigate your way out of this crisis.


Please write to us about your organization and current challenges, and our teams will be in touch. Read more below on what we are offering.

The future seems more daunting and ambiguous than ever—for all of us. As ATÖLYE, we believe that we need to embrace creativity and resourcefulness, and design our way into the future we hope for. 


ATÖLYE’s Future Framing session is an exploration that sprang from our own need to discuss, analyze, and develop paths of action around what is going on. We have designed a virtual meeting, where we discuss the strategic paths your organization can explore in response to what has been emerging in the world. 

This 90-minute generative conversation takes place online, where participants from your leadership team and ATÖLYE’s business design and strategy practices meet. We go on a facilitated discussion to understand and evaluate your organization’s emergent needs, goals, competitive advantages, and priorities—where we put courses of action against conceptual frameworks (see the Cynefin example aside). We end our session with a view of the current situation and ideas on how your organization could move forward.


We then develop an analysis and follow up with a framework of actionable strategic paths. These paths include responses to urgent, short-term needs, as well as high-level guides to achieving change in the long term. We’re happy to develop these ways further and develop paths of action and collaboration.

With the Future Framing, we bring our expertise designing viable future strategies to the table. With our transdisciplinary team, our community of professionals from diverse backgrounds, and global ties to the kyu Collective network; we’ve worked on many projects that require us to untangle wicked problems of different industries. From designing an intensive learning program for government leaders, to developing service blueprints for a new-age, innovative real estate platform, or to designing spaces along with leadership mindsets at a K12 school, we tackle complexity every day.

As a nimble, fast-moving team; some of our most valuable assets are resilience, agility, and ingenuity. Hack the Crisis, our online hackathon in response to COVID-19, has brought together over 250 people and ended with more than 40 emergency action projects. We continue adapting and improving our daily workflows and design consultancy offerings into the emergent needs of today’s world.


To hear more about what we can do together, and discuss what path your strategic approach might follow on our Future Framing session, please reach out to us at and we’ll get back to you soon.

Our team of strategists and business designers behind the design and execution of this session:

Akar Şümşet

Director, London

Bengi Turgan

Sr. Director, Studio

Carla Lemgruber

Sr. Lead, Service Design & Design Strategy

Deniz Dönmez

Sr. Design Strategist & Service Designer

Engin Ayaz


Kerem Alper


Selim Aykut

Director, Dubai

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