About the Job — Recruitment and Engagement Associate (Community Curator)

Community is at the heart of everything we do at ATÖLYE and we put a lot of time and energy into growing and maintaining a balanced and diverse member base – which includes our own team members, freelance creatives, small businesses, and clients. Our spaces and experiences form a fertile environment for meaningful interaction between members, which often leads to unexpected collaborations and friendships.

We are looking for a passionate connector and systems thinker who will sit at the core of our member curation process and be responsible for overseeing and advancing ATÖLYE’s community model with a fresh, creative, and dynamic outlook.

Main Responsibilities

Member Recruitment & Matching

  • Actively scouting candidates to be part of ATÖLYE’s community according to the curation criteria by utilizing various mediums; attracting potential talent both at local and international levels.
  • Being responsible for members’ end-to-end journeys, starting from the first point of contact, conducting interviews to all the way to the progression of their journeys as community members.
  • Developing strategies to ensure engagement between community members initiating related activities and events.
  • Acting as a connector between community members and project leads in the teaming process of ATÖLYE’s projects and programs, responding effectively to the varying teaming needs by match the appropriate candidates from the community.
  • Working closely with the People & Culture, Project Operations (PrOps), and TechOps teams in order to streamline the processes of members who collaborate in projects, programs, or thought leadership activities.
  • Monitoring the journey of each individual in the community and tracking mobilization metrics, performance evaluations, feedback/reviews for the collaborators that take part in projects, programs, or thought leadership activities.

Member Experience & Development

  • Developing online and offline membership models, matching the existing models with new audiences through different value propositions.
  • Designing and managing member experiences, both online and offline.
  • Curating, designing, and hosting community events, both online and offline. Overseeing the diversity of activities within the themes of connection, learning & development, and working.
  • Handling outreach and relationship management for strategic partnerships (event partners, perk partners, etc..)
  • Contributing to thought leadership around community-led innovation and the future of community at ATÖLYE.

Job Requirements

Required Experience & Skills

  • Minimum 5 years of professional experience in a related domain (talent development, human resources consultancy, community management)
  • Having the enthusiasm to bring together and connect people
  • Having the ability to see the big picture and strategically respond to varying talent needs
  • Following the most recent trends in talent development and community curation
  • Impeccable follow-up and coordination skills
  • Feeling comfortable with interactions in different settings such as presentations, workshops, interviews, and meetings
  • Teamwork predisposition
  • Proficiency in verbal and written communication in Turkish and English

Preferred Skills and Qualities

  • Excellent storytelling and strategic thinking skills
  • Experience in project management
  • Experience in recruitment and talent matchmaking processes
  • An optimistic attitude and the willingness to embrace ambiguity
  • Strong self-expression and communication skills
  • Strong motivation to interact with people on a daily basis to achieve shared goals
  • Using Google Suite products for collaborative teamwork and organizing documents
  • Experience in digital project management and communication tools such as Mailchimp and Asana

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