Yasemin Arın

Yasemin Arın

Learning Designer

Hi, I’m Yasemin. I’m a Learning Designer at ATÖLYE Academy. I love designing human-centered systems and journeys, listening to people, and finding creative solutions to complex problems. Seeing the whole while ensuring inclusivity is valuable to me. I am most motivated when I am a part of communities that have strong internal communication and that keep their faith towards each other while facing even the most wicked problems.


What you won't learn from my bio
I also write my own songs, play the guitar, frame drum, and ukulele.

Yasemin first learned about ATÖLYE in college after she picked up an interest in human-centered design. In 2020, she joined the team as an Academy talent trainee; in 2021 she became a full-time member as a Learning Designer.


Yasemin’s journey at ATÖLYE Academy started with Academy’s Learning Community, where she helps manage the community’s internal communication, programs, and activities. At the same time, she takes part in Academy’s client projects as a learning designer as well as crafting content for Academy’s monthly newsletter.


Yasemin attended the Politenico di Torino University in Turin to study Industrial Design and Communication Design, following her love for Italy after studying at the Galileo Galilei Italian High School in the heart of Beyoğlu, which she adored. She realized that the idea of developing sustainable systems and services, rather than industrial design, sparked her interest as a result of the courses she took during her university years and the interdisciplinary field she was in. She had the opportunity to put her ideas into action in these areas during her time working for the well-known Italian coffee company Lavazza. 


Another passion of Yasemin is music. She plays the guitar, frame drum, and ukulele, and writes her own songs. She loves to dance to electronic music.