Sinan Onurlu

Sinan Onurlu

Lead, Engagement

Hi! I’m Sinan and I’m leading ATÖLYE’s expansion efforts in Qatar. My role consists of developing projects in the region, building right strategic partnerships, and finally, growing our talent pool in Qatar whilst supporting our presence in the Middle East and North Africa.


What you won't learn from my bio
I’m a non-commercial photographer; I try to tell conceptual or real stories through my lens.

Sinan joined ATÖLYE in 2021 to lead the business development efforts in Qatar. His professional expertise is in communications as well as strategy and management. Furthermore his experience in photography and film have allowed him to apply content strategies in his work life. Currently he is prioritizing the establishment of strategic partners and clients in Qatar and starting dialogues with semi-state and state organizations in order to tackle grand scale projects.

Having worked with various organizations in Thailand, Turkey and Qatar, Sinan brings a rather versatile perspective to the work landscape. Previously, he has managed the marketing and sales efforts of a holistic health organization, set-up and ran a creative agency for production and digital marketing, and now, Sinan is on the path to establish an aspiring organization in Qatar, as an extension of ATÖLYE’s Middle East presence.


Sinan studied business administration in Bilgi University in Istanbul and UEM in Madrid, followed by an intensive filmmaking course in Los Angeles. He started his professional career as a video producer for a TV channel, then produced a feature documentary for a health organization, which then led him to grow his skills in marketing, communications, and creative direction.