Rolando Dave Bobier

Rolando Dave Bobier

Venue Operations Associate, Dubai

Hi! I’m Dave, I’m the Venue Experience Associate at ATÖLYE. I am at my best when I know the end-goal is a transformation that involves creativity and functionality. With my love for entertainment and my adventurous nature, I revel in communicating in diverse communities and going out of my comfort zone to try new things to initiate something extraordinary. 


What you won't learn from my bio
I was once the President of the Theater Art Club back in college and played several roles!

Dave joined ATÖLYE in 2021 as Venue Operations Associate where his work focuses on managing all the daily venue-related needs and concerns before, during, and after the events and activities.


Dave’s nature of handling concerns and accountability come into play at best when organizing the necessary elements of an efficient, working environment as well as providing proactive solutions to daily operational requests and affairs.


In addition, Dave’s work grounds on representing the ATÖLYE brand in the UAE by setting up the operational structure of the venue operations and experience of ATÖLYE Dubai space for its members, vendors, providers, and all of its stakeholders.


Dave’s previous experiences involve handling huge international exhibitions in the field of gaming, marathon, corporate awards, conferences, gala dinners including UAE national day events as Operations Manager for several companies in Dubai, UAE for nearly a decade. He also had his international qualifications in Health in Social Care from the Philippines and the United Kingdom and was once a Teacher in college in one of the reputable IT schools in the Philippines teaching computer programming.


His oriental origin also makes him thrive well in diverse discourses and is the source of his resilience towards the challenges and demands of technological advancement and innovation. 


Dave has all the energy and enthusiasm to travel and explore new and exciting places with his wife and son.