Nazlı Cangönül

Nazlı Cangönül

Lead, Service & Learning Design

Hi, I’m Nazlı, Senior Service and Learning Designer at ATÖLYE. I design creative and resonant services by using contextual research and participatory processes. I like designing with—not for—people and organizations. Part researcher, part designer, part facilitator, I love bringing an empathetic lens and inexhaustible curiosity to the table, and enjoy using creativity with micro-to-macro challenges! 


What you won't learn from my bio
I’m an heiress to an apricot farm. I can express anything by using memes.

Nazlı joined ATÖLYE in 2018 as a part time Design Researcher and now works as a Senior Service and Learning Designer, at the intersection of ATÖLYE’s Strategic Design Studio and Academy. Her expertise combines Service Design and facilitation practices grounded in divergent, emergent and convergent thinking. 


Nazlı has designed and led various projects ranging from Delivery Sector to Social Innovation, where she conducted all-encompassing research activities, addressed meaningful opportunities for creative interventions, brought ideas into full-fledged design concepts by using Human-Centered Design methods and processes. Her deep craft in design and facilitation gave birth to development of Turkcell’s Gift Box—a gamified product concept that reaches to 5.5M users monthly—as well as designing imeceLAB as a sustainable business model for the new generation of Social Innovators in Turkey.  


As a master’s graduate of School of Visual Arts, she has honed her design skills around the social challenges of women’s empowerment and reproductive rights. Her proudest moment is when she and her friends opened a brick-and-mortar Vagina Store in New York for breaking taboos around pleasure and sexual health to elevate women’s autonomy.


While not working, she grounds her mind and body by water coloring, meditation and yoga. She also is a crazy-cat-mom in the making and finds joy in sewing toys for her dearest Pişo.