Mevlüt Demir

Mevlüt Demir

Senior Accounting Associate

Greetings, I’m Mevlüt. I work in the accounting department at ATÖLYE. I am responsible for recording in the accounting system and transferring them to official transactions. Life and work, besides a high tempo, I have 3 wonderful children; they are my Superpowers (Heroes).

What you won't learn from my bio
I'm a good fan of fantasy novels, football is my passion.

After studying Accounting at Eskişehir University, Mevlüt embarked on his career at Istanbul Bilgi University. As part of the team responsible for the founding of Istanbul Bilgi University Press, he was in charge of financial affairs and accounting during this time.


Mevlüt worked in publicity and consulting services at MediaCom for some time before leaving the company to work at santralistanbul. During his time working for the International Mediterranean Academy, he took an active role in the configuration of accounting systems for a private university. He also established an accounting system and provided consulting services for a private energy firm with international offices. 


Outside of work, you might find Mevlüt involved in sports, reading books, or spending time in nature.