Güray Oskay

Güray Oskay

Director, Architectural Design

Hi, I’m Güray, the Head of Architectural Design & Spatial Strategy at ATÖLYE—I love working on all scales and aspects of architecture, from interiors to masterplans. I was born and raised in Istanbul, which probably is why I love multi-layered approaches to design.

I’m also a professional musician, a wanna-be writer, a father and a dog lover.

Güray joined ATÖLYE in 2022 as Head of Architectural Design & Spatial Strategy, where he leads the architectural team. He has over two decades of experience in various scales, from interiors to masterplans, spanning global geography. Having worked on numerous projects, he proudly has an equal passion for all typologies and scales.

A Yildiz Technical University graduate, Güray started his career with one of Turkey’s leading architectural thinkers and author Prof. Ihsan Bilgin -founder of the Bilgi University Architecture Program- , where his first-ever projects were the Ottoman Bank Museum and Orhan Pamuk’s Museum of Innocence. Before starting his practice, he worked on top-tier projects, gaining experience in various categories such as hospitality, workspaces, retail, residential and exhibition design. He also tutored architectural design studios at Gebze Technical and Maltepe Universities during this period. Before joining ATÖLYE, he spent five years as a senior associate at Tabanlioglu Architects – where he led many large-scale international projects, competitions and exhibitions.

A man of many hats, Güray is one of the three organizers/curators of the contemporary art exhibition Değiş Tokuş Sergi. He has written and published short stories in renowned literary magazines. Outside of architecture, his main passion is music. Güray is the founder and frontman of two blues bands, one of which released its debut album during the pandemic and gained global recognition. He speaks Turkish, English, and Hungarian and is an avid record and guitar collector.