Elitnisa Şölenay

Design Researcher

Elitnisa is taking on the part of Design Researcher at ATÖLYE.

Since her existence, she has aimed to move the ecosystem forward by establishing better connections and creating happiness frameworks in this multi-dimensional universe. Here, she embarks on a journey to explore the question of how we can create better holistic goals collectively, as we are part of nature as of a historical change, with the methods of service design discipline and design philosophy.

What you won't learn from my bio
Knowing a fun fact about me only comes once you get to know me.

Elitnisa joined Atölye with a Design Researcher role in 2022. 

She was born in Eskisehir and completed her BA in Industrial Design and Design Management programme at the Izmir University of Economics. 


She says, “the moment I completed my degree, I wanted to bring to the world what I learned and hopefully can learn more of the world of Service Design to see how other people create meaningful connections to bring impact together.” Later for her studies, she applied for and achieved a place at the Royal College of Art in the Service Design Programme.


Her Service Design journey at RCA gave her a place to experiment with the tools and expand on the challenges collectively that open discussions for thinkers to solve but, more importantly, learning that opens ways to happy moments, which maybe is the real impact on the people. 


Now ATÖLYE, through her eyes, is a place that makes an effort to reach the world from the core, giving her a place to grow on the challenges she wants to pursue through design practices and creating services for answering with the solution of bringing human and eco-centred efforts to socio-landscapes. And her motivation is to contribute to this experience with her positive actions.