Bircem Özekici

Project Manager

Hi, I’m Bircem; I’m the Project Manager at ATÖLYE. I appreciate resolving riddles by finding order in chaotic systems and building intricate webs of logic and emotion. I like forging my way by developing practical and unique solutions in collaboration with technology & environment. Liberated and benevolent communities are the ideal environments to pursue my ambitions and express my potential.

What you won't learn from my bio
“Additionally, I am a professional alpine skier and risky adventurous.”

Bircem joined ATÖLYE in 2022 as Project Manager where her work focuses on leading efficient and lean project management lifecycles with tangible business results. ​By having a diverse skill set and knowledge base, her generalist point of view brings the ability to connect the dots between knowledge and ideas. The projects led by Bircem are ranging from designing interaction experience, learning design, launching community initiatives for global and local companies. Alongside her client-facing roles, she supports the Design Studio on building healthy communication patterns within ATÖLYE and project stakeholders.


Her experiences in diversified communities have a huge impact on her abilities on flexibility and adaptability. 


Before joining ATÖLYE, she worked for many years as a management consultant after graduating from Boğaziçi  University  and her focus was transformation and restructuring. As a curious learner, ended her consultancy career and started to explore the startup environment.