Başak Aras

Başak Aras

Senior Visual Communications Designer

Hello, I’m Başak. I work as a Senior Visual Communication Designer at ATÖLYE. My work revolves around brand design, storytelling, and communication design from non-profit pharma to creative industries. I like bringing different visual approaches to each project and reflecting on linguistic processes since articulating brings up another way of expressing ourselves—which I find essential for contributing to the plurality of voices.


What you won't learn from my bio
I can mimic anyone after spending some time with them. I also don't forget people's zodiac signs.

Başak joined ATÖLYE in 2018 as a Visual Communication Designer. In addition to working on brand design, storytelling and communication design, she also serves as a facilitator. Besides working on projects, she’s interested in design criticism which is the main topic of the visual design circles that she organizes with other designers. Through these circles, she brings design and writing together into her practice. 


A graduate of the Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design program at Sabancı University, Başak was nominated for the Young Photographers Award as a student. Upon graduation, she began her career by designing the brand identity and store images of Espressolab. For two years, she was in charge of Espressolab’s entire design process. Başak later began working at the design studio Frittata, where she contributed to the Urban Lighting Master Plan and the project to design a new corporate identity for ENKA Culture and Arts. With the Urban Lighting Master Plan project, she had the opportunity to gain experience in different areas such as data visualization, architectural imaging, and map design. After leaving Frittata, Başak went on to work at the design studios Atelier Neşe Nogay and Karbon. She also participated in various training programs, both nationally and internationally, on typography, strategic brand management, and user experience design.


In her free time, Başak reads and listens to podcasts about the history of graphic design and environmental issues. She also creates free-flow visualizations of the events in her daily life when she wants to simply have fun through graphic design.