Ayda Aksu

Leadership Assistant

Hi, I’m Ayda, the freshly recruited Leadership Assistant at ATÖLYE – I love organizing, problem-solving and working behind the scenes to ensure everything goes smoothly. As a third culture kid, I have an identity that is more rooted in people than places which makes me a real people person. I communicate effectively and prosper in multicultural environments.

What you won't learn from my bio
I share a birthday with Sailor Saturn.

Ayda joined ATÖLYE in 2021 as a Leadership Assistant, where her work centers on managing the schedules and communications of key company executives. With a degree in American Culture and Literature, she is proficient in critical thinking and problem solving and is equipped with intercultural competence. 


Her experience in multicultural environments (having attended an international school and a boarding school in England) has made her adaptable to different cultural settings and improved her ability to communicate effectively through her work. Her international understanding has caused her to perceive work-related challenges more creatively.


Before ATÖLYE, Ayda worked as an Executive Assistant for a travel company and as a Sales Associate throughout her university years.