Ali Özgür Arslan

Ali Özgür Arslan

Head of Communications

Hello, I’m Özgür. I’m the Senior Lead in Communications at ATÖLYE where I work to relay ATÖLYE’s philosophy, work, and other initiatives to a variety of audiences. I like to study challenges thoroughly before approaching them and I am known to be the calm one. Outside of ATÖLYE, I record music using a bass, synthesizers, and percussion. I also volunteer at motorsports events as a marshall and steward.


What you won't learn from my bio
The book I have gifted the most is titled “The Trouble with Being Born.”

Özgür joined ATÖLYE in 2019 to lead the organization’s communications efforts. His main areas of focus are advocating the ATÖLYE brand and communicating ATÖLYE’s offerings to various communities and audiences. 


At ATÖLYE, Özgür’s work entails aligning ATÖLYE’s knowledge and project work across disciplines into a single communication pipeline. His work spans a range of externally-facing communication activities ranging from enhancing ATÖLYE’s web presence, social media management, media communications and PR, to contributing to projects as a communication designer.


Özgür’s background in education began with an interest in language, discourse, and linguistics. He pursued degrees in English Literature, American Literature, and English Language Teaching. 


Throughout his career, Özgür has exclusively held positions within creative and academic teams, holding the titles of writer, instructor, editor, strategist, photographer, composer, producer, and more. He is an all-around creative with a focus on brand and content operations. Özgür’s list of past clients and employers includes global brands in education, travel, finance, and retail, for which he spearheaded global rebrands, localization projects, and carried out communication strategy. 


Outside of work, Özgür plays and records music using synthesizers, bass, and percussion. He is also accredited by the FIA (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile) as a Steward and has been volunteering at motorsports events such as Formula 1, World Rally Championship, DTM, LeMans and many others.