January 19, 2021
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Open To Public
Note: This event will be held in Turkish.

In order to come up with creative and practical solutions to the complex problems of the world that we live in, we must learn to collaborate effectively and gain strength from our differences.


We believe that the capabilities to design processes of collaboration and facilitation will have a huge impact on individuals and organizations in the upcoming ten years.


ATÖLYE Academy invites everyone who believes in the power of collaboration and facilitation, to be part of a learning community by participating in the “Facilitation Meetups” series that will take place every two weeks.


Join us if you believe that the power of facilitation and collaboration will create a long-term impact in the world!


During these meetups, which will bring together experienced facilitators, new practitioners and anyone else interested in these fields, all participants will be able to learn new approaches by working together. Through using different tools within a safe environment, everyone will gain the opportunity to deepen their practices.


The even-numbered editions of the series are designed and facilitated by one of ATÖLYE Academy’s facilitator and coach team while the odd-numbered ones are done by participants who volunteer for the task.


Note: The event will be held in Turkish.


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