Find your product-market fit, carry your venture into the next stage.

ATÖLYE Ventures goes beyond any accelerator or
consultancy model—by joining our Interim Co-Founder
, you will work with our dedicated team on a
day-to-day basis throughout the entire journey.

Interim Co-Founder Program

Our Interim Co-Founder Program helps you find your product-market fit hypothesis that will carry your startup to the next stage of development, commercialization, or investment.

strategy designed
for your needs

From business strategy to post-launch operations, we design a go-to-market journey that is tailored for your needs. Our teams guide you to rapidly test and validate your ideas, build your MVP, and commercialize your startup.

Tackling challenges
together throughout
the journey

We get hands on when it gets to product. Our transdisciplinary team of strategists and designers share the same goals and work closely with your team on a day-to-day basis.

Access to top talent
and a global network of experts

We get hands on when it gets to product. Our transdisciplinary team of strategists and designers share the same goals and work closely with your team on a day-to-day basis.

What will our collaboration look like?

Our Co-Founder Program is specially designed for founders’ needs. It also provides strategicfinancial, and operational structures, alongside cultural injections, so you never lose sight of your objectives.

A roadmap driven by shared objectives

To take your startup to the next stage, we will co-design a dynamic roadmap that is guided by Strategic Objectives and Key Results. Throughout this journey, we will act as the connecting tissue and fill in the gaps for results-oriented creativity.

From strategic objectives to day-to-day execution

Guided by our objectives, we will design weekly, monthly, and quarterly rituals to ensure rapid iteration and execution. Our community of creatives and global network of experts will come into play to get hands-on work done together with you or your team.

Who will you journey with?

We believe that people collaborate, not companies or organizations.
During your journey from conception to investment, you will collaborate,
co-design, and co-create with our multidisciplinary team of strategists,
designers, and consultants.

Akar Şümşet
Ventures Director
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Arda Kolukısa
Ventures Associate
  • #ServiceDesign
  • #UXDesign
Aslı Sevinç Daver
Ventures Senior Lead
  • #ServiceDesign
  • #DesignStrategy
Burcu Demirok
Ventures Coordinator
  • #Strategy
  • #OrganizationalDesign
Kerem Alper
ATÖLYE Co-Founder
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Kerimcan Maltepe
Ventures Associate
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Meet our wider team

Startups we’ve collaborated with

We’ve spent the past two years testing and refining our Interim Co-Founder
Program with brilliant and ambitious startups who are in different stages of
their entrepreneurial journeys.


Toyi is an eco-friendly creative building kit that enables children to transform everyday objects into unique toys.

What part did we play?

ATÖLYE played a role in incubating Toyi; providing support in communication, investor relations, go-to-market and business strategy, material production.

More about Toyi
  • + On display at MoMA
  • + Won iF award for best product
  • + Available in 14 countries

One-click solution for software teams to improve each phase of developer life cycle by providing workflows and actionable insights.

What part did we play?

We partnered with iftrue to find a product-market fit hypothesis for the next stage of investment through a disciplined entrepreneurship approach; discovering market potential, providing product design guidance, commercializing the product, and devising an investment roadmap.

More about iftrue
  • + Conducted and synthesized 40+ interviews with software developers & leaders.
  • + Tested hypothesis with comprehensive research and analysis.
  • + Designed a pitch deck and tested with 10+ investors to optimize narrative and guarantee pre-seed.
  • + Released version 1.o and started user testing.
Shared Studios

Facilitating powerful conversations and collaborations across borders for a brighter world.

What part did we play?

COVID-19 has posed an existential threat to Shared Studios’ business; which relied on real-life experiences. We have helped Shared Studios to define a “future-fit” Go-to-Market Strategy; including restructuring their products and services, developing channel and partnership strategies along with a versatile messaging framework, and identification of strategic capabilities using service design practices.

More about Shared Studios
  • + Used by the world’s leading organizations
  • + Opened cultural dialogue portals between 40+ countries
  • + Featured on a PBS documentary as well as other major networks including CNN and ABC.