A platform for creatives and
innovators to journey together and
lift passionate ideas off the ground.


Journey together from conception
to investment.

Our dedicated team shares the co-founder seat with startups and gets down to hands-on business from day 1.

We match you with the right talent; helping you get on an expedited roadmap to develop, test, and launch your product.

Do you have an idea, product, or startup?
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About ATÖLYE Ventures

Ventures builds and expands on
ATÖLYE's design consultancy model by
bridging creative talent and innovative
from our network.


If you identify as a “creative problem solver” and want to meet startups and founders, join our community of creatives.

  • Meet people and organizations with inspiring ideas and great potential
  • Apply your skills against worthy challenges.
  • Join projects and startups where you can take ownership and initiative
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startups, and

If you are working on an idea, product, or startup apply for our Interim Co-Founder Program below.

  • Journey with a dedicated team on your path to investment.
  • Set out on a journey designed for your startup with shared objectives and incentives.
  • Access top creative talent rapidly; avoid cultural misfits.
  • Avoid legal and financial overhead.
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Investors &

If you are an investor or if your organization can provide venture capital, reach out to us at ventures@atolye.io to discuss collaboration opportunities and startups that are either incubated or vetted by ATÖLYE Ventures.

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kyu Collective

With deep organic ties, ATÖLYE Ventures brings to the table the kyu Collective’s full know-how in cutting-edge strategy, design, and innovation by partnering with leading creative organizations.

Visit kyu.com

kyu Collective members work with the world’s top brands and corporations.


Tap into a community of
inspiring creatives

ATÖLYE is many things, but first and foremost, it’s a community.
Our members are multidisciplinary problem solvers who are
diligently brought together by our community curators.

Do you identify as a creative problem solver?
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