At ATÖLYE, our culture and values help us curate our vibrant and diverse community which includes our core team of over 50 multidisciplinary professionals. We put great importance on maintaining our culture to be able to champion our team’s vision, work, and well-being. Check out our Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusivity (JEDI) Policy here to find out more about our commitment to creating safe—and brave—spaces.

Open Positions

We embrace the challenge of creating a working model for engaging communities of creative problem solvers to tackle complex problems through our diverse and permeable system while unlocking paths for personal growth and deep collaboration.

Our community is a source of constant learning, vibrancy, and inspiration that promotes systemic change by sparking the creative potential of others. In accordance with this line of thinking, we believe that we can thrive through an alignment of working, learning, and living as opposed to a work/life balance.

Values: Our values help us navigate our existence through a framework where we "live, work, and learn" as a "Community."

Grown Up

Accountable & Reliable

We acknowledge that our actions have consequences for the wider system and therefore act accordingly. We are responsible for committing to realistic deadlines, delivering our work on time, seeking help from others when we are in need, and always initiating clear communication. We are self-organized and self-disciplined and able to build trust.

Striving for Excellence

We try our best to deliver extraordinary results in everything we do and we are always ready to go the extra mile. We put great care and attention to detail in our work. We take global benchmarks as our aspiration and are not confined by local context. Quality, diligence, and attentiveness are the key qualities that we strive for in our craft.

Reflective & Self-aware

We take time to get to know ourselves better by reflecting on our strengths and improvement areas. We can develop our work and behaviors through a critical approach, seek constructive feedback, and embrace our errors. We create room for introspection in our schedule and look for ways to translate insights into actions for self-improvement. We reflect on our environment, try to sense when tough conversations are needed, and we handle them with fierce courage and an open heart.


Curious & Constant Learner

We are genuinely curious human beings with an urge for constant growth. We strive for opportunities and experiences that build new skills and perspectives. We show a deep interest in our surroundings and keep up with trends. We are multidisciplinary by nature and we do our best to promote this approach across the organization.

Creative & Inspiring

We are “out of the box” thinkers and doers. We fuel our divergent mind by absorbing the world in our own ways and try our best to approach our challenges from different angles to bring innovative solutions. We appreciate empirical learning and are not afraid of trial and error.

Authentic & Enthusiastic

We try our best to be present and engaged across all of our work. We do our best to put on an uplifting attitude and contribute to the positive atmosphere of our organization. We are bold enough to bring our true colors to the table to enable richer discussions.

Community Member


We are collaborative by nature. We have a “go-getter” approach towards issues that concern most of us. We take initiatives wherever needed, even if it goes beyond our roles and responsibilities. We know that “we are all in this together” and therefore put effort so that others succeed.

Generous & Caring

We are generous with our time and knowledge towards all of our stakeholders. We genuinely care about the development of others by sparing time to share knowledge and resources. We care for others’ effort and offer constructive feedback on others’ craft and work when needed.

Embracing Ambiguity & Resilient

We understand that rapid change and ambiguity are an inevitable byproduct of wicked challenges, which is at the heart of what we do. We gracefully welcome ambiguity and perceive it as a learning opportunity where we employ a certain leap of faith—therefore we are able to function competently in uncertain environments by thinking on our feet.

We strive to ignite creative potential with the hope of creating change in the world together with people who have a desire to better themselves and the communities around them.