We aspire to create long-term impact through a community-powered approach.

The pressing challenges companies now face are too manifold for a single branch of design to tackle. Confronting high levels of complexity requires thinking at an ecosystem level.


In tackling challenges, we bring together a diverse range of members within our community and orchestrate them towards impact-driven solutions. We call this “community-powered design.

We believe in the
power of radical collaborations

We design truly participatory processes. This is why we deeply engage our partners in our design process through co-design sessions. We believe that no one can truly implement solutions that they do not own themselves.

We navigate in the space between strategic and tactical

From aspiring ambitions to implementation, we use design to navigate the “cascade of choices” our partners face. This is why our work is characterized by solid and moving narratives and always assisted by visual stories—to help everyone align on the same mental-models and priorities.

We are system-oriented transdisciplinary thinkers

We believe the way to create real impact is to approach problems holistically. Bringing a wide set of disciplines help us see all versions of the truth and act on the root cause of systemic problems. This is how we offer multi-modal and interconnected approaches as solutions.

We are community-driven and nimble by design

We understand that, in the natural course of every design journey, needs and priorities shift as uncertainty dissipates. Guided by our collaborative spirit and system-oriented principles, we get in partnerships for the long run and face shifts with optimism and diligent “replanning.”

We experiment, learn, and transform together

While bringing a vision to life, we take every chance to nourish growth. We embrace the learning involved in piloting our ideas and pivot as needed. Our collaborative mindset brings an experimental approach with it; one where we guide strategic decisions and get solutions ready for reality checks.