Prototype, test and join the workshops

In Prototyping Lab, we aim to develop and materialize ideas that form in creative minds. We provide physical and digital prototyping equipment in our laboratory to individuals with a common purpose and a passion for production, and help them to turn their ideas into designs, and their designs into products.

We are part of the Fablab network! Our Prototyping Lab continues to produce as part of the Fablab global network. Fablabs, which started as a support project by the MIT Center for Bits and Atoms (CBA), have more than 400 spaces worldwide that provide access to modern tools for production.


In December 2017, we launched a new residency program called “Designer-in-Residence” for designers to bring to life new materials and designs. Within the scope of this programme, we provide unlimited access to our Prototyping Lab and equipments, mentorship and communication support. Selected designers who make variety productions and prototypes throughout the program, have the opportunity to exhibit their products at ATÖLYE at the end of the program.

We graduated our first guest in the Designer-in-Residence program on February 15th. The first resident of Designer-in- Residence is Bilge Nur Saltık, a designer from Istanbul, produced new techniques and textures to uncover the potential of foam in her material-focused project. Nur worked on how the foam interacts with different materials such as soap, wood, and resin, and how they are all going to be used in the acoustical panel and scent dispensary areas. After all these works, she shared the design process and her works with a mini exhibition and presentation at ATÖLYE.

In the second edition of the program, we were partnered with Fablab Lisboa. Designer Eli Bensusan, who was selected for the 2nd edition of the Designer-in-Residence program tried different methods and techniques during the production phase, he attempted to explore the structural properties of cork as his focus material and its interaction with different materials. In this process; he produced a candle holder, a table lamp, a stool, a wine cupboard, a coffee table and a mirrored wall unit. Eli shared the design process and the work he has done with participants through a presentation and exhibition that will took place in ATÖLYE on July 3rd, 2018.

We believe in the power of making.

Using the physical and digital equipment in the Prototyping Lab, we create open workshops geared towards discovery and production. We bring together individuals eager to create and learn in Prototyping Lab.   Let’s do your projects, create your designs and realize your ideas together.