Kerimcan Maltepe

Kerimcan Maltepe

Ventures Coordinator

Hi—I’m the Ventures Coordinator at ATÖLYE. We are working together with startups to explore sustainable business models, growth strategies, and perfect tactical execution models.  I enjoy discussing go-to market strategies, sales funnel optimizations, digital transformation, as well as defining and tracking OKR’s. I also love spending time in nature.


What you won't learn from my bio
I can sleep like a log regardless of the conditions.

Kerimcan joined ATÖLYE in January 2021 as Ventures Coordinator. He is contributing to the Ventures team with his two year 1-1 startup coaching experience, business and testing mindset, and strategy skills. Ventures is working closely with startups to unveil their hidden potential; Kerimcan is mostly working on developing the scalable business model by addressing the right market at the right time. He is also working towards developing a well based go-to-market strategy which is key for sustaining long lasting impact. Moreover, he is responsible for searching for new business opportunities focusing on human centered perspectives, whilst also considering the business perspective as well. 


Before ATÖLYE, he worked in KWORKS Accelerator and acted as a mentor to early and growth-stage startups providing training on how to grow and scale up rapidly in the market. He mentored three Civil Society Organizations about creating highly impactable projects in order to accelerate their digital transformation. Previously, he has also worked as a consultant in the field of social innovation, entrepreneurship, smart cities, and circular economy. In addition, hj has worked in various corporate companies in global purchasing and production planning departments. 


Finally, he has participated in various innovation and social entrepreneurship projects in different cities, including Vietnam, Singapore, Zimbabwe. During this time, he also focused on waste management in the city of Surat, India.  He’s been a part of the increasing social integration of Syrian Refugees project in KU Global Aid collaborated with Tarlabaşı Community Center, and has performed research for the social innovation platform, imece.