Joud Malhas

Joud Malhas

Lead, Architectural Design & Spatial Strategy

Hey! This is Joud. I am the Senior Designer and Spatial Strategist at ATÖLYE Dubai. I am heavily moved by contemporary art and design notions, and the effect they have on our wellbeing. I always find myself at a crossroad between aesthetics and functionality, both of which fuel my practice. My superpowers are observation, problem solving and resilience.


What you won't learn from my bio
Forever curious.

Joud joined ATÖLYE Dubai as a contractor in December 2020 to oversee the construction of the Dubai space. Soon after she was named one of the founding members of the Dubai Creative Hub just before officially being hired as the Senior Designer and Spatial Strategist at ATÖLYE Dubai.

As part of her role as a spatial strategist, she probes with principles of the built-environment to plan and deliver coordinated visions for human-occupied spaces that cater to the end-user at the core. Her inquisitive nature continuously pushes her to view spaces and products from a 1:1 scale to aid human interactions, their physical experiences, psyche and wellbeing.

She is a holder of a Master’s degree in the Strategic Design of Spaces from IE school of Architecture and Design, Madrid. Part of her time in the program was spent at the RCA in London studying ethnography and understanding people’s physical and mental differences to better cater to the end-user. She offers workplace consultancy and is well-versed in learning and retail design strategies. She graduated top of her batch in 2017 leading on projects in the workplace and learning design disciplines. In 2018, she was awarded The Italian Way Product Design award and her winning design was fabricated by Alias in Milan, Italy.

Joud is always looking for projects that challenge her thinking and growth so long as it involves disruptive design solutions that make an impact.