Gülin Ölçer

Gülin Ölçer

Head, Design Strategy & Business Design

Hi, I’m Gülin, I’m the Business Design Senior Lead at ATÖLYE—I have a natural tendency to analyze problems at systems levels, and I like to use social sciences with an entrepreneurial mindset to create human centered solutions at scale. As a circular business designer, I’m passionate about emerging models that minimize the burden of waste and maximize delight.


What you won't learn from my bio
I restart myself by skydiving every ten years.

Gülin is the Business Design Senior Lead at ATÖLYE where her work focuses on helping organizations solve business challenges through the lenses of human centered design and systems thinking. With a social science degree in Psychology from Koç University and entrepreneurship degree in Innovation Management from Tufts University, she sees imperfections as opportunities for growth. 


Gülin has led multi-stakeholder projects ranging from designing the business model and go to market strategy of a new subscription platform, to setting the strategic foundations of a nation’s government services platform. She leads the Strategy practice of ATÖLYE where she works with a multi-disciplinary team of designers and strategists. She brings new perspectives to the organization’s sustainable and circular innovation practices and is the Community Lead for Cirkyular, kyu micro community on circular economy. 


Before she joined ATÖLYE, she founded ZERO, the first circular design studio of Turkey, where she collaboratively worked with designers, engineers and business professionals to accelerate the adoption of circular design practices and design out waste in the system. She started her career in the advertising industry as a strategists at Medina Turgul DDB where she led multiple accounts’ brand and communication strategies while introducing design thinking to her work. Her contribution to brands’ impact has been recognized by global marketing efficiency and advertising creativity awards.