Aslı Sevinç Daver

Aslı Sevinç Daver

Sr. Lead, Ventures

Hi, I’m Aslı. I’m the Senior Ventures Lead at ATÖLYE. I’m a designer venturing between service design, design strategy, interaction design, community-powered innovation and facilitation. I love working on experiences and products at the intersection of design, technology, and education.  My last name means “joy” in Turkish, and that’s the feeling I seek in my work and life! 


What you won't learn from my bio
I was born at home, on a New Moon. (Please ask your favorite search engine what “Children of the New Moon” are like and you will get a pretty good glimpse of me.)

Aslı started out as a community member at ATÖLYE’s Creative Hub, and later joined the team as a Service & Interaction Design Lead at the Strategic Design Studio. She currently works as a Senior Lead at the newly founded Ventures unit. 


She is passionate about co-designing with individuals, communities and organizations using human-centered design methodologies. She’s worked in experience design and innovation projects with clients in the private, public and non-profit sectors; in collaboration with other disciplines such as architecture, communications and learning design. 


These days, she’s exploring leadership to empower teams, while co-creating a new business unit that will focus on new ventures born in ATÖLYE and partnered with impactful startups and organizations.


Previously, she worked as a Consultant & Product Manager at Education Volunteers of Turkey Foundation, where she co-lead the digital product development of an online coding platform for children; Earlier, she co-founded, an online education platform, worked at BBVA Garanti Technology as a Senior UX Designer and as a Community Manager at  


Aslı holds a BA in Visual Arts & Politics from Oberlin College and a Masters from the Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) at NYU.. 


She is the human of lovely plants and the most awesome cat; Niku, who misses her when she travels, plays when she’s doing yoga, nestles on her chest when she’s reading or scrolling and wants more food when she’s cooking with her husband (her made-up & his precise recipes) in the cosy kitchen of their apartment in Cihangir, İstanbul.