Arda Kolukısa

Arda Kolukısa

Service Designer, Ventures

Hi, I’m Arda. I’m a Service Designer at ATÖLYE. Being in the field and working closely with people, I plan and conduct and synthesise user research to create personas, and insights that guide the ideation process.  


What you won't learn from my bio

Arda joined ATÖLYE in 2020 as a Service designer, where he focuses on user research, research synthesis and facilitation. He took part in projects including UI/UX and service design, led various streams ranging from research phases to user tests,  planned and facilitated several global jams and now he works as a designer with the purpose of creating impact with each event and project he takes part in.


After getting his bachelor’s degree in Industrial Product Design and completing his thesis in the field of service design, he started his career in Deloitte Digital as a Business Analyst where he quickly switched to the role of Interaction Designer.  Throughout his career he had the chance to take part in digital transformation and service design projects in industries ranging from banking, aviation to logistics, government and many more.


Arda is passionate about playing the drums, travelling and trying new dishes from other cultures.