Alper Yıldırım

Alper Yıldırım

Director, Technology and Operations

Hi, I’m Alper, I’m the Technology and Operations Director at ATÖLYE. I’m responsible for establishing and leading the recently introduced Technology and Operations business unit to help ATÖLYE become a tech-enabled creative services organization via what we call the ATÖLYE OS framework. As a detail-oriented person, I enjoy building new systems and finding solutions to complex problems.


What you won't learn from my bio
“I’m self-motivated and constantly curious about new topics to the level that I keep an ongoing list of research topics to tap into whenever I have spare time.”

Alper joined ATÖLYE in September 2021 as the Technology and Operations Director, where his work focused on reengineering ATÖLYE’s business processes and building an integrated application portfolio. With his Mechanical Engineering degree, as well as a Master’s in Management Information Systems, his expertise is in IT Strategy development, digital transformation, reengineering, and IT service management. 


After getting his Master’s degree, Alper started his IT career in the United States, where he took roles in every aspect of the software development lifecycle. His diverse technical background led him to work on high-end consultancy projects, working closely with end clients. In his last role in the United States, he served as IT Manager for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s 5 Year, $100 Million NPIN Program.


In 2011, Alper returned to Turkey to first join KoçSistem, the IT consultancy arm of the Koç group. He led the newly introduced e-Invoicing business line, where he oversaw the development and implementation of an on-premise solution for large enterprises, in addition to the SaaS solution for SMEs. Consequently, he joined Fujitsu Technology Solutions to oversee Services and Solutions to position the global portfolio to the Turkish Market. After a digital transformation project for a publishing house, he joined Istanbul Volunteers to implement the IT systems. Right after joining ATÖLYE, he started Phase III of the ATÖLYE OS framework.      


Alper is an avid environmentalist and a search & rescue volunteer. With a core group of friends, he has been working on initiating a disaster recovery management application.