Aicha Mansour

Aicha Mansour

Head, Service & Interaction Design

Hey, I’m Aicha Mansour, a Senior Lead of Service & Interaction Design at ATÖLYE Dubai—I am a problem solver who enjoys people watching, and thrives when designing.


What you won't learn from my bio
“I am a squirrel wearing a human body.”

Aicha Mansour joined ATÖLYE on the ground in Dubai, hailing from the great Nile river in Egypt as a Senior Lead of Service & Interaction Design, hoping to expand ATÖLYE’s capabilities in the digital domain.


With her heart set in Product Design, and wielding a masterful grasp of Design Thinking and Design Sprinting (often applied in the Digital Transformation domain), she has led multiple digital transformation projects delivering innovative holistic digital solutions in the form of mobile apps, websites, platforms, e-commerce & immersive experiences that empowered brands such as Vodafone, GIZ, UN, P&G, Hero Group, Subaru, Metro GmbH, AXA & many more international and local startups.


She is incredibly enthusiastic  about alternative education, upskilling young talent and sharing the (design) love. Over the years she has run public mentoring workshops to empower young talent in the design and digital fields to grow their knowledge beyond the walls of educational institutions, as well as mentoring programs for senior students in the German University and the American University in Cairo.


Among Aicha’s many achievements is leading the first E-Commerce Summit in Egypt, a grassroots movement to stir up the conversation on digital commerce and provide a deep dive into the various trends, pains, and opportunities for e-commerce across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.


Outside of work, she loves people- watching, social experimenting, dancing and playing like a four years old kid and daydreaming about her new home on Mars.