ATÖLYE is a community-powered creative services organization that places an Academy and a Strategic Design Studio within a vibrant Creative Hub.

Recent happenings—

Sezin School – Primary School and Kindergarten
Case Study
How might we transform an educational institution via incremental architectural interventions?

ATÖLYE transformed Private Sezin School’s primary school and kindergarten into a flexible pedagogical space that fosters meeting, learning, and working. Collaborating with the School Board, ATÖLYE employed a mental model that flips knowledge-centered experience towards a learner-centered one. To achieve this transformation, ATÖLYE went beyond architectural procedures to make the design process a truly user-centered one. ATÖLYE’s participatory method created room for co-imagining a future that the institution “eases into,” rather than “finds itself within.”

Dubai Future Foundation “Accelerators Space”
Case Study
How might we create a space that is built on a holistic experience and is never underutilized?

The Dubai Future Accelerators space hosts startups in cooperation with the government and private sector entities. With the right interventions, and by utilizing the strengths of the existing design, we set out to design an exploration and production space that is never underutilized. Out of the 80 hours of field research, a scenario-based layout system that enables different modes of interactions emerged.

Design Gov
Case Study
How might we ignite the power of human-centered design and creative leadership within the UAE government by building creative capabilities and establishing new creative roles?

In 2019, ATÖLYE joined kyu Collective members IDEO and Palmwood to design a transformative learning journey for the government of the UAE with the project “Design Gov.” The project addressed the nation’s goal of transforming towards a human-centered approach by empowering future leaders, aiming to embed creative mindsets and skills into the ways government officials think and work—enabling them to imagine and co-create meaningful solutions together with the people they serve.

Turkcell Customer Experience Lab
Case Study
How might we empower Turkcell's Customer Experience teams to lead customer-centered transformation and enable the creation of innovative products, services, and business models?

As the leading digital operator in Turkey, Turkcell’s CX department aimed to adopt a human-centric organizational model while developing products & services. Our learning design-centered project focused on educating and empowering the high-potential employees of Turkcell’s CX teams to lead the customer-centered transformation through the creation of innovative solutions.