August 9, 2018
5:00 pm - 5:30 pm

BabyAcademy, one of our imece teams, are inviting ATÖLYE community to the Feedback Session!
Project Name: BabyAcademy – Child Development Support Mobile Application
Content: BabyAcademy is mobile application that presents contents which supports child development and expert guidence filtered/examined with gender equality for the parents having 0-5 years old children
Call: I want to casually test and receive feedback about mobile application prototype on experience and design from the professional perspective. Beside I also want to receive feedback from the parents having 0-5 years old who are relatives/from envirenments of participants by sending the test link 1 week before the session.
Tags: Technology, UX, product strategy, child development, gender equality startups
*The event will be held in Turkish.

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