Meet the real owners of ATÖLYE.

The interdisciplinary interaction that takes place within ATÖLYE is enabled by our diverse community. Consisting of individuals working in different professional areas including the creative industries, social sciences, business development, technology and engineering, our community develops new ideas, prototypes them, and shares their experiences.

We attach a great deal of importance to carefully maintaining both an interdisciplinary and interpersonal balance when putting together the ATÖLYE community. We channel our energy into bringing the right balance of interests and talents through our community curation as we think innovative projects and unexpected breakthroughs can only emerge out of the right mix of people.

Our purpose is to create a learning environment in which community members fulfill their needs professionally and socially; build capacity to reveal their own potential and collaborate on projects that seek long-term value. Projects that come to life through this vision open up spaces for new ideas, identities, and perspectives to flourish.

The ATÖLYE community brings together many people with different backgrounds. Our projects, which are fruitful collaborations among individuals and institutions, seek long-term value with their multi-stakeholder engagements.


Creative Industries

Social Perspective & Community Building

Strategy & Business Development

Technology & Engineering