ATÖLYE members participated to 10th Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair, the region’s premier international art fair, in the new media section Plugin with its glass and light installation “Amplify”. The installation is a result of a multidisciplinary work. Under the curatorial theme proposed by Ebru Yetişkin for the Plugin: X-CHANGE, “Amplify” has been created by product designer Bilge Nur Saltık, architect Nesile Yalçın, supported by user experience designer Gerçek Karakuş and curated by creative strategist Neslihan Akman. The videos demonstrating the installation has been produced by Özgür Önurme.



Creative Industries
Technology & Engineering


Bilge Nur Saltık, Neslihan Akman, Nesile Yalçın, Ahmet Alpat, Gerçek Karakuş, Özgür Önurme

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