We place sustainability at the core of our principles & approach, and believe that it is the only way to thrive collectively.

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To set ambitions & start the journey


To deep dive into opportunities


To manifest in physical spaces


To catalyze changemakers

We all leave our mark on the world,

why not make it a beautiful one?

We believe there is only one future.

A future where resources flow efficiently within regenerative systems and where individuals can thrive within equitable communities.

Today, our world is facing many complex challenges that cannot be solved with a simplistic approach.

We use the power of strategic design to envision possible paths, design solutions and engage diverse communities to help facilitate the shift towards a better future.

Gülin Ölçer

Head of Strategy & Sustainability Portfolio

Let’s talk about sustainability.
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Let’s talk about sustainability.
Send us a message!


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Community Jams
Sustainable Living in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

A series of gatherings to collectively address sustainable living challenges with a diverse audience who want to create change.

Dubai Design Week
The Circular Form
of Design

A provocation to challenge designers and innovators to rethink the systems we build and occupy to be more circular, like nature itself.


Sustainability Jam Sharjah Chapter

Contact gulin@atolye.io for more information.