A collaborative, interdisciplinary and flexible workspace.

More than just
a co-working space.

ATÖLYE co-working environment is a lot more than a typical office space. With its modular CNVS furniture, a spacious post-industrial setting and a diligently curated community, our workspace serves as the foundation for inspiration and collaboration.

Through weekly events such as 101 workshops, feedback sessions, yoga classes, happy hours and public events, our goal is to deepen the ties among the community members and enable outstanding, collaborative projects.

Wide tables
Open kitchen
Meeting rooms
Social area

Building a community.

ATÖLYE is not a shared office development project for us; it has never been. Rather, it’s about building a community that can create long-term value through interdisciplinary projects. The members are curated through a rigorous application process to maintain the balance of different disciplines and a unique chemistry.

Membership options


10 days / month


7 / 24

Closed Office

7 / 24